A person sitting alone watching outside the window pane
A person sitting alone watching outside the window pane
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A young & fierce soldier gets a call one night, ordering to end his vacation and calling him to join his battalion on the border. Twenty-odd terrorists had entered the line of control & immediate action had to be taken. The defending army was not prepared. Only a handful of soldiers to fight them till back up reaches the spot. But action had to be taken immediately. The next dawn, he is in the frontline holding a rifle ready to fight the battle for his country, with no fear in his eyes or heart. Enters the enemy line of control…

A long due dance date was finally fixed. They were supposed to go out yesterday night to a club — 15 km far. Work kept her busy all day and she had no energy left to dance. She asked if they can go to a place nearby to have a beer and do nothing but talk. He already had choreographed the entire night with her in his head, so canceling the plan at the last moment only made his mad and he came home without picking her up on the way. “You came home without even informing me?” She shouted…

There’s a dense forest with a variety of species and animals and in the wild world of strange creatures, there’s a tiny squirrel. She’s pretty. Cute actually. Pretends to be very cool. (She is in fact). But doesn’t like it if someone points it out to her.

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She doesn’t like to talk much. But she likes to listen. She will sit far away from you. No matter how much you try: you’ll never be able to hold her. She’s quick. She will listen to all your feelings, thoughts, words, and when you turn your head to ask her something; she…

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“So tell me things that make you happy” As usual he fired a question. “Small things or big ones?”

“Well, tell me both” “Ummm, in small things — puppies and innocent babies who do not understand anything and who are not aware about things that spoil everything. And in big things… maybe good success will make me happy” “That’s about it?” “Haha. Yeah. Maybe that’s why it’s difficult for me to be happy all the time.” “Maybe.” “You? What makes you happy?” “Expensive gifts! Buy me an expensive watch and I’ll be happy for four months maybe. I’m not a…

“All that you write about, that’s real right?” She asked scrolling through her feeds.

“Can I choose not to answer?”

“Haha! Irony! You ask so many questions and you can’t answer one?”

“No. It’s not real. It’s fake. It’s made up. It’s fiction. Everything fresh out of my wild imagination. They are my fantasizes. They are my thoughts. They are my dreams. Yeah, they all are my dreams”

“Doesn’t look like that way. It looks real. Sounds real. Can’t deny it’s reality, can you?”

“Maybe it is. But I like to treat it as my dream”

“Why?” “Because that gives…

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“Where the hell are you?” She was definitely irritated.

“I swear to god! I'm reaching in 5 mins. But where are you waiting?”, with the noise of kids playing in the background, he continued asking,
“Where are you? Why is it so noisy? Are you with some kids?”

“Oh yes! Umm... Sorry I didn’t tell you. I have kids too. I got them with me. I hope that doesn’t bother you. Kids on the first date.. won’t be a problem right?”

Shock! A massive shock!! Sinking in confusion for a while and not sure if he should believe her or…


कलि थी तू नाजूकसी गुलाबीसे गाल। लोहा था मैं। सख़्त से हाथ। इंतफ़ाक से आ गए साथ, किसी दिन, और शायरों ने भी अपनी मिसालें कम ना दी। हवाओं ने, तूफ़ानों ने, उस रात की ख़ामोशी ने नज़दैकिया कुछ ऐसी बढा दी, की काटों की धार पर रख के अपना सर सोया करने लगीथी तुम। क्यूँ इतना प्यार करने लगी थी तुम मुझसे ये मैं कभी ना जान सका, ना ही तुमने कभी जताया या बताया। ना जाने कितने भँवरे मँडराते, पर इस लोहे के गंज की महक ने क़ैद कर दिया था तुम्हें। ज़िंदगी में सुकून इतना हो गया…

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You are nice. Soft, talkative, sweet, and hyper — but only in your head. Calm from outside, mess within. Bold within, shy outside.”

I know :)

“You cover yourself with fabric of shyness, but are naked inside. Every new place you go to, you start building your house, standing inside you start erecting the walls. No doors, only windows — that too high windows. Only you can see outside the window, no one can see inside.”

“I like your metaphors. . .”

“One small hidden secret entrance you have built though. Only you know when you are going to open…

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“I’m too sleepy…” she said. Darkest circles around her eyes. “Yeah. We should sleep now. Gn” “Oh.. No. That’s fine. But I am a good listener, you can talk” she insisted on staying awake. “Okay, what do you want to listen to? About me, about us or about the stars and the moon?” “Stars and moon” she squeezed herself in the blanket. “They all are so pretty. Stars I mean. But you don’t like everyone. You only like the ones that shine the brightest. Those stars which are close to you and those who shine for you. Some people are…

“Your order sir?”

“Hey.. hi! Uh, 2 cups of hot chocolate.”

“With cream or marshmallow?”

“One with cream and the other with…” he directed the incomplete sentence towards her. But she was busy reading the menu.

“..with marshmallows.” He took a wild guess and completed the order.

“But I like cream!”

“Oh. I thought you liked marshmallows!”

“Yes I do; but not in hot chocolate”

“Sorry I assumed you like..”

“You assume a lot”

The waiter patiently kept turning his head like a tennis referee while they argued on her choice.

“Make both of them with cream.”


“Thank you!”

Kapil Gadhire

Everything written in an emotional high state.

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